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InkSeine is a prototype inking application for Tablet PC and UMPC devices developed for Microsoft Research. A new version of the software is now available: 1.1.1714.0. You can download it straight from Microsoft Research(18.6MB).
  • Windows 7 Support: InkSeine's search features now work on Windows 7.
  • Inking Performance: some issues with our ink stroke capture and rendering that produces a much snappier feel for drawing in InkSeine are fixed. This is a significant improvement for most tablets; if you have a UMPC like the Samsung Q1 series or an OQO Model 02, the difference is dramatic.
  • New Page Viewing Options and Scrolling within Pages
  • Hide / Show the Arc: the arc with all your pens and other tools on it now has a small +/- symbol on it. Just tap it to hide or show the tool arc.
  • Tool Ring in task tray: the InkSeine Tool Ring now resides in the system task tray. For the many people who run the "ScrollControl.exe" application separately from InkSeine, this will make it easier to manage.
  • Print margins bug fixed: printing from InkSeine now always scales the page correctly so that the entire page will be visible on the printout; previously InkSeine would sometimes clip off the margins.
  • File loading bug fixed: an obscure bug that on rare occasions would cause opening of certain InkSeine files to fail.

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