MixVibes Cross 1.1.5 for mac  

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Excellent professional DJ mixing platform

If you're an aspiring DJ,

then there are various options out there for you to spin the wheels of steel - or as is the case nowadays, load the MP3 files.

MixVibes Cross is clearly aimed at those that want to take things seriously and performs as a very solid DJ Platform and mixer. The appearance of MixVibes Cross is of an authentic professional mixing deck, which looks stunning, if a little intimidating for beginners. The basics are pretty easy to work out though, such as loading music and using the crossfader.

One of the useful things about MixVibes Cross is that it integrates seamlessly with iTunes. Just click on the iTunes logo in the bottom-left corner and your collection will instantly appear in the bottom window pane. You can, of course, load your own tunes for which you can edit tags, browse artwork and preview them. MixVibes Cross has a huge number of ways for browsing and finding your music so that you can locate them at crucial moments during your mixing.

You can also switch the view of MixVibes Cross, from Split view, to see which tracks you've got lined up on each side, to "Dj Booth" view, which isolates just the mixer. MixVibes Cross still feels like an overwhelming app however, despite it's elegance and general ease of use. You'll need to spend some time getting to grips with manual to get the best out of it.

MixVibes Cross is an excellent DJing solution for any pro working across platforms or amateurs that need seamless iTunes integration. 

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