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“Find free programs for unknown file types”

Ever had a file that you couldn't open? If you don't have a program that will run a particular file type, you're left with trying to find something yourself. is a great little tool that searches for free software you can download to open these problematic files. Once installed, if you right-click on a file you'll notice a new line on the menu, " - How do I Open This?". Click that and the application opens and searches for a suitable application. You need to be connected to the internet to use it, but it's fast and will often give you a range of results.

We tested it with a broad range of file extensions, and it's not infallible. For example, the .KMZ extension for Google Earth files came up with no results. When this happens, you're given three links to search for your extension on Google, Live Search or Yahoo.

While it's not totally comprehensive, is a neat tool that will more often than not find you a program to open your file with.

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