Ping Pong(World Cup) for iPhone  

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A 3D simulation game from Skyworks with a free lite counterpart, is packed with features and looks great.


World Cup Ping Pong comes loaded with modes. There’s practice mode, head-to-head two player (which gets a little crowded as you play live on just one iPhone), Arcade Mode, and Tournament Mode. You can play as different nations, and you can choose paddles with different power/spin ratios. When you play, the game moves quickly, and technically, it plays well. The sound is perfect, and the 3-D table is beautifully rendered.


sadly, rests with the controls. Keeping your finger on the screen to drag your paddle back and forth into position comes with two big “gotchas.” First, dragging that consistently across the screen gets a bit unpleasant on the tactile front; somehow, the inability to lift that finger “for air” starts to cause friction problems. Even worse, though, when you couple your finger placement with the game’s 3-D perspective, you’ll immediately note that your finger is a fairly opaque appendage. Too often, you can’t see the tiny white ball returning, since your big fat finger is in the way.

Download link:Skyworks and Itune Store

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