ScriptMaster 3 adds new interfaces  

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ScriptMaster is a free, general-purpose, modular plugin. It comes out of the box with modules for file manipulation, URL and network utilities, Web Services, shell scripting, event/script triggering, and many others.

What's new in ScriptMaster 3?

ScriptMaster 3 no longer requires you to install a plugin! Using 360Works' Auto Update server, the plugin will be automatically installed upon launch, making it even easier to integrate ScriptMaster and its modules into your own solution.

Version 3 includes the following new modules:

  • QuickTime Frame Capture - Capture a snapshot from an iSight camera or any other QuickTime-compatible video input
  • Create AES Secret Key - Generates a secure key that can be used with the next 2 functions
  • EncryptAES / DecryptAES - Uses the Rijndael AES encryption algorithm to encrypt data adhering to US Government standards to protect classified information
  • Crop Image - Crops an image to specified coordinates
  • Popup Menu - Takes a return-separated list of menu choices; returns the user's choice as the function result
  • Zip File - Creates a .zip archive of a file or directory
  • URLDecode - Compliments FileMaker's built-in GetAsURLEncoded function
  • List All Files Recursively - Lists all files in a directory, including subdirectories
  • Get File Size - Gets the size, in bytes, of a file on disk
  • Get File Modification Date - Gets the date that a file was modified
  • Better Random - Handles issues with FileMaker's built-in random number generator
  • Validate XML - Performs a syntax check on an XML text to see whether it is well-formed

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