Invitation From Google Voice Is Flooding  

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Google Voice is designed to be a central phone service. You give out your Google Voice number, and let it handle all the incoming calls, including voicemail, call routing, call blocking, and so forth. It cannot link directly to a phone or PBX, unfortunately, but rather relies on acting as a proxy for whatever real phone or phones you want to use. It's limited to a single number per account for now, and choose that number wisely -- it costs $10 to change it.

The setup is simple -- pick a ZIP code or area code, and select from the available numbers in that area. Then, specify a few real phones to connect to that number. In my case, I chose my office land line and my cell phone. To verify the numbers, Google Voice sends an SMS message to the mobile phone with a code that you enter into the Web site to verify the phone. Rinse and repeat for other phones. Once that's done, you're ready to go.

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