iPod clock terrorizes Hobbits  

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iPod clock

As a child of the '80s, I can distinctly remember a time when decorative electrostatic plasma lamps were very cool. They were also very expensive and--for the most part--useless. These days, though, I can't look at one without thinking of thatcreepy, evil, wizard crystal ball thing from Lord of the Rings.

Whatever side of nerd nostalgia you fall on, the Einstein Sound Master Photon Ball iPod dock has you covered. You get an iPod dock, clock radio, USB port, and a bitchin' plasma lamp--all for $34.99. I'm not sure how they shield the speakers from interference, or protect your iPod from the constant static-electric charge, but I know wouldn't risk putting an iphone in there. Anyway, I wouldn't want Saruman the White reading my e-mail.

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