Advanced Features in Nokia N series  

Posted by Ashwin

Hi. I recently purchased new high end multimedia device nokia N series n79.

The features in that mobile made me to go for that specially
1. 5 MP CarlZeissOptics Camera
2. Accelerometer
3. Navi wheel
4. Wi-Fi support (b/g)

These are features which all will get when we search for the product description. But this device is loaded with much more services which we cant able to think to be possible with a mobile device which is of 100x49 mm size.

B4 a year back i used N73.If i want o tell truly i havent use the features fully which that device can deliver.This time i decide i need to learn and use all features provided with this N79.

When i was using the mobile the first day i noticed these features impressed me a lot
1. FM transmitter
2. TV out
3. Theme Creator and much more

Since it comes with the Wi-Fi support it made me to connect to my personal network which i build with a wireless router which i purchased recently too.When i was browsing the Tools folder i found a new application Home media which i located at Menu->Tools->Connectivity.Later i just was thinking what i can do with this service then i turned on my Computer and opened the windows 7 os.

Now at present what was in my mind is to share and listen music which is in my PC on my mobile. Quickly i got remembered the sharinfg service supported by Win 7 i shared my drive which is having the audio files.Later i opened the media player and selected the shae option and made to use my mediaplayer by any other device on the network and also enable to share my music files.With this am i reached what i need to get??..He he i almost done now when i search for the devices under my home media on my mobile i can able to detect a device which is nothing but my PC.Then i was able to browse all the songs and able to play on my mobile as well on the PC.

Later i opened my N79 box and made to run the DVD they provided that was another shock.It was not PC suite inside It OVI suite.I think many among us doesnt know about this software. It includes seperate various application integrated in one environment.The people used S60V3 2 years back will be aware of LifeBlog and able to recall problem they faced.This OVI suite having Nokia photos similar to that makes easy to organise.Then Nokia Music is as same idea as iTunes using which we can purchase songs from nokia Music store...The installation was going on finally the last application which turned my attention to it it nothink but "Nokia Home Media Server". Till now what i ave done with media player i can able to get it done easily with this.

I was succesfull with this task later i decided to try to play songs which i have in my mobile on PC...U can wonder even thats possible that too we can make it easily with Music Player as if we are playing and hearing on our device.Just open Music Player on mobile on NowPlaying screen select Option->Player->Home Network it will search for services which can play the audio available if ur media player is turn on u can able to detect it if u select player and press play button..What will happen??U can listen the songs in ur mobile on PC with stereo speakers..

This device still have much more facilities am just exploring it.....  

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