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Yahoo! Integrates App Platform with New Homepage
Today Yahoo! announced the integration of is Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) with the new Yahoo! Homepage, which lets advertisers and publishers develop apps for the homepage. "In support of the Yahoo! Open Strategy, this integration offers a more customizable and personally relevant experience for over 118 million monthly homepage users across the U.S.," a Yahoo! spokesperson tells WebProNews.

"Migrating the homepage to YAP means that any developer can create apps once to be deployed across the Yahoo! network - for the new homepage as well as My Yahoo! for example," she adds. "This means faster delivery of new product rollouts; and the ability for global regions to customize apps for their markets."

Before, Yahoo! had over 75 apps available to U.S. users at from partners like AOL Mail, Gmail, eBay, MySpace, and Facebook, plus publisher partner apps from publications like NPR and Glamour. This was in addition to Yahoo! apps. Now that the homepage is integrated with YAP, all publishers, advertisers, and developers have access to build apps for Yahoo!.

Those who create apps can also promote them on their own site with the use of an "Add to Yahoo" button that Yahoo is providing.

"Any app that meets our terms of service criteria, regardless of whether it is actively promoted in the Yahoo! homepage app gallery, can be added from a remote entry point," the spokesperson says. "People can continue to use our App Maker and create their own app on the fly by adding virtually any URL of their choice."

Yahoo! also announced 13 new featured apps in the homepage app gallery. These include, Target, and Flixter to name a few. Developers at
Open hack Day in New York City next week will be offered the first opportunity to build applications on YAP for availability on the new Yahoo! homepage.

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