CorreLog Windows Syslog Agent 3.1.0  

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The CorreLog Windows Agent comes with various services, programs and utilities installed via a standard Windows dialog on Windows workstation or server platforms, they are:

*Syslog Message Service. This is a compact but powerful Windows service, which listens for new events in the event log, and then converts these events to Syslog messages. The process uses minimal CPU and memory, and runs as a normal Windows service on XP, Vista, and 200X servers.
*Logfile Monitor Service. This is a compact but powerful utility program (actually incorporated in the CorreLog Syslog Message Service above, but separately enabled), which allows arbitrary log files to be instrumented with match patterns. When specific match patterns are detected in streaming log files, Syslog messages of the appropriate severity and facility are sent to the Syslog server program.
*Remote Management Utility. This utility provides encryption services, and remote configuration capabilities that allow large numbers of managed devices to be remotely configured from a central management console. This greatly assists in the periodic maintenance of encryption keys, or when performing group reconfigurations of correlation and filtering rules.
*Sendlog API. This is a simple API and command line utility that can be used by programs, or within Batch files, needed to send Syslog messages to CorreLog or another Syslog server host.

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