Mixero 0.51.6  

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The new generation Twitter client for people who value their time and are tired of information noise.

Synchronized! Groups you create stay with you on any PC, mobilephone or browser.
You can view all updates without checking all contacts separately.
One user could be present in different groups.

Can include users, groups of users and channels.
Shows information from all contacts, groups and channels as one timeline!
You will be notified only about updates that are really important for you.
Most recent updates are automatically shown on top and indicate the amount of unread messages.
Synchronized! Your ActiveLists stay with you on any PC, mobile phone and browser.

Create new ActiveLists and switch Between them to read what is most appropriate to your current environment.
Only get the information that is interesting for each of your Locations or modes - Home, Office, Train, Most important, Buzz etc

Any users or groups timeline can be filtered with certain keywords.
Stop-keyword support.
Easy to turn filter on and off.

With real-time twitter search on your fingertips you can easily track information that is interesting for you.
RSS support and much more coming soon.
Mixero suggests icons for channels to differentiate the search terms visually.
New channels are saved in channels tab and can be added to ActiveList.

Autocompletion Easily and quickly Shorten and expand URLs while you are typing a message.
You can see the original URL without following the link. When your mouse is over it, a tooltip appears.
Mixero supports most popular URL shorteners.
Easy and quick inline usernames auto complete in replies and direct messages.

Preview pictures from twitpic and flickr instantly in your timeline.
Preview frames from youtube videos directly in your timeline.

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