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VISUAL BASIC 5/6 PROJECTS contains six programs you can use at home. The programs illustrate advanced uses of Visual Basic. Topics covered include using the Windows API for timing and sounds, input validation, printing, using multiple forms, graphics, and working with sequential files. This download is the complete source code for VISUAL BASIC PROJECTS for your study and modification. To gain the programming skills needed to understand this code, take a look at our Learn Visual Basic 5 and LEARN VISUAL BASIC 6 tutorials.

The programs included are: STOPWATCH, a dual-mode stopwatch, LOAN CALCULATOR, a program that lets you compute loan repayments, GAS MILEAGE, a utility to track your cars gas mileage performance, Biorhythms, a way to compute your bodys natural rhythms, MEMORY GAME, a fun game for the whole family, and ONE-ARMED BANDIT, a slot machine simulation.

VISUAL BASIC 5/6 PROJECTS will run under Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT, XP or Vista. You should be able to use these files with Visual Basic 5 or Visual Basic 6. To use the code, download the zip file and Extract the files to a desired directory. Then, open the project file in Visual Basic.

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