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Wally is a wallpaper randomizing tool for Windows. OK, that really is a fancy name for wallpaper changer. Wally can tap into several image libraries and automatically download pictures from them and display them on your desktop as wallpapers. Currently, Wally supports Picasa, Flickr, Bing, Yahoo, Buzznet, pike, Panoramio, and some more. When you add one of those services, you can only search for images. You can't really have Wally look for a specific group of images or your own account, or at least it is not evident that you can. So for example, I activated Photobucket and Yahoo and used a simple search: "iMac." So, when I started the application it showed a nice picture of an iMac as a wallpaper on my desktop. I also activated the feature to show information about images on the right of the screen, which tells me from what website the image is pulled and who is the owner of it, along with its title.

By default images get changed every 2 minutes but you can change that to as low as 10 seconds or as high as hours. Wally can be told to launch along with the system and start automatically changing wallpapers. It also has a feature that I really like in such an application. It can download pictures that you use for your wallpapers onto your disk. So, it actually doubles as a Flickr downloader, for example. The application works on most platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, and many Linux distributions.
Download: http://www.becrux.com/pages/projects/wally/WallySetup-2.3.0.exe

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