AIMP 2.60.551  

Posted by Ashwin

AIMP is a free audio player with support for large number of formats and playlists. It works with multiple playlists immediately, allows creation of bookmarks and also has a playback queue.

  1. Crystal-clear sound, technology of reproduction essentially differs from Winamp and WMP
  2. Sensitive equalizer
  3. A maximum of functionality from a minimum of resources
  4. The minimal consumption of system resources
  5. Multilingual support
  6. Support of set of formats of audio
  7. Adjustment of global and local hot keys (patterns from WinAmp and WMP)
  8. Flexible options of the program and various covers will allow you to make A.I.M.P. completely individual
  9. Support of plug-ins with which help it is possible to expand opportunities of the program
  10. The audioconverter codes music from the most different formats in wma, mp3, wav, ogg
  11. Plus many more !

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