Fearless Browser  

Posted by dhamotharan

Browse the web without a care in the world!

This new Fearless has a friendlier interface, nicer style, and more user customizable elements

  • Completely anonymized browsing using Tor
  • Key storage inside the virtualized disk
  • Linux-based environment for security
  • Firefox web browser (v2.0.0.13)
  • Thunderbird email client (v2.0.0.12) with Enigmail
  • GAIM Instant Messenger with Encryption
  • Automatic use of OpenDNS for phishing protection and fast DNS lookups
  • Flash player 9 support
  • MPlayer video player and Firefox plugin.
  • Tickless 2.6.22 kernel optimized for virtualization
  • Fully configured vmware tools for drag-n-drop and clipboard sharing.
  • Lots more customizations you can make without any complicated steps since I'm now using xfce.
  • Keyboard layout selectable from a flag icon on the toolbar
  • Desktop is maintained inside your externally accessible LivePC documents
  • Integrated file browser with thumbnail support
  • Calendar application
  • Wot community website ratings (next to the address bar in the web browser

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