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“Test any operating system without ruining your computer”

If you're curious about testing a new operating system, but don't want to compromise the integrity of your current installation, a virtual machine is the perfect choice.

MokaFive Player is a virtual machine solution, based on the popular VMware Player app, that lets you test a variety of operating systems in the LivePC format, which means you get the basic operating system environment plus a set of selected software apps, all bundled in a convenient package that's ready to launch on your computer.

MokaFive Player comes with a special Linux distro loaded by default: Linux XP, a version of Linux specially created for switchers who come from Windows. Unfortunately you can't create new operating systems by yourself.

The best thing about MokaFive Player though is that you can download as many operating systems as you want from the MokaFive developer's website and try them out: Ubuntu, Windows 7 RC, Windows XP, KDE, even Windows 3.1 for a bit of nostalgia.

MokaFive Player lets you try special LivePC versions of operating systems such as Windows 7, Ubuntu, KDE and more, without risking your current installation.

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