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Easier to use, reliable, more efficient than ever.
With Projector, creating, tracking and managing your projects will be much easier. 

Projector is designed to keep track of tasks and calculate a project's cost. Projector provides all the tools
you need for professional project management. Whether your job calls for managing large construction projects,
complex media activities or detailed time schedules,
Projector is the tool you need. It is easy to use and will help
you organize, administer and monitor your tasks allowing you more time to manage your projects and less time
to learn how to use project management software.

You will be successfully managing even the most complex projects in a fraction of the time it would take you with
other similar products. Just compare our software to that of any of our competitors and you will experience
the difference!
Projector delivers beautiful graphics that are sure to impress customers and colleagues.

Scheduling and managing projects are not only important in the corporate business world. They're essential for
successfully achieving anyone's project goals. Projector is an easy-to-learn, cost-effective tool that simplifies
project scheduling. It is perfect for those with either a great deal of or almost no experience in project management.

Universal Binary

This product is compiled as a universal binary. Coinciding with apple's release of Intel-based computer systems,
this will allow our product to run on any Macintosh, containing either a PowerPC chip or an Intel chip, without any
speed slowdown, or program emulation.

Modern Code
Built from the ground up in Cocoa and Objective C, this product supports numerous Mac OS X technologies that include:
animation, sheets and help tips.

Strong Customer Support

We are always here to help whenever you need us. Send an email with any questions you may have or use the
support website to browse Frequently Asked Questions

Staying In Touch
We love hearing from all of our customers, new and old. Let us know what you're up to and we'll do the same!
This product works because it's built by people like you for people like you. Need a feature? Request it. We're listening.

About xTime Project and Projector
xTime Project is a discontinued product. This new product is able to open
any file made with xTime Project.
Owners of a xTime Project license can upgrade to Projector for FREE by using the same license.


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